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The following comments were written on evaluation forms by attendees

Thank you very much for a very professional and informative presentation. I have had a lot of positive feedback especially from senior managers and directors.

You were engaging and knowledgeable. I felt it was a safe place and it was really encouraging that a male was supporting the group too.

Thank you for your menopause presentation. Feedback received from colleagues has been very good. Staff have commented that your style of communication and the detail involved was very informative. One of the men who attended commented how the information you shared will help him develop his understanding, not only in the work environment, but also at home. I would definitely recommend your services to anyone else who might be seeking to arrange a similar event in the future.

I enjoyed the webinar very much. It was very interesting and it was nice to be with a group of ladies of similar ages across different teams and offices who are all going through the same changes in their life.

Norma was very articulate, obviously is very well versed in the subject, informative, clear and precise in her speaking. Maybe this should be an annual event.

I am a line manager and this presentation will form the basis to understand the menopause allowing me to be more educated.